Saturday morning and the last remaining Pendolino drag is set ready to depart Crewe for Holyhead. 57310 "KYRANO" is in charge while 390003 "Virgin Hero" sits patiently behind. 57308 "TIN TIN" sits dead at the side. 17/01/2009

 The Winter Sun continues to bleach out any colour. 17/01/2009

 Love 'em or hate 'em they look impressive. 17/01/2009

 The new timetable has produced many "racers" at Crewe as they hurtle through on the fast lines. This is 390028 "City of Preston" heading North. Is it my imagination or are these things beginning to look like the streamlined Coronation Pacifics? 17/01/2009

 They hurtle South as well, this is 390006 "Tate Liverpool" roaring through. 17/01/2009

 221xxx entered platform 11 en route for Holyhead, actually it's 102 "John Cabot" still not bearing its full number. 17/01/2009

 66118 came off the Stoke line with a train of EWS coal hoppers and was stopped at the North end of the station. Because of the length of the train the down fast and slow lines were blocked. It was only for a couple of minutes and, as the locomotive set off, all the couplings snatched in succession taking about a second to travel the length of the train - quite a disturbing noise. 17/01/2009

 150230 was on the Crewe-Shrewsbury shuttle. 17/01/2009

 Hippo 108 heading for South Wales ex Manchester. 17/01/2009

 All the LM lass 350 units now appear to have been re-liveried in what I think is a pleasant green. 17/01/2009

 With the Pendolino out of the way, chance for a better shot of 308. 17/01/2009

 Down on the diesel depot sat 37294 awaiting its fate. In December last year it was reported to have been bought for scrap. Will it face public execution here or be dragged away to Hull or Rotherham. 17/01/2009

A quick look at Crewe station and there wasn't much to see. Two class 47's were sat together in the Depot yard, 47769 "Resolve" (L) and 47805 "TALISMAN". 11/01/2009

In a different spot sat 47848 "TITAN STAR" together with 47815 "GREAT WESTERN".
Thanks to Solomon Riley for the additional information.

 Waiting for business was 57305 "JOHN TRACY". 11/01/2009