A cold and windy day in Conwy, just right for being on the castle walls waiting for the Saturday-only Pendolino drag. A few test shots in preparation revealed a couple of 158's heading West. 31/01/2009

 A 158 heading East. 31/01/2009

 A 175 heading for Llandudno along the Deganwy branch. 31/01/2009

 Standing on Conwy station to shoot anything heading West gives you about half a second to prepare the shot whereas stood on high allows a panoramic view across the Conwy estuary and Llandudno Junction. Thus it was easy to see that today's drag has turned out to be two Super Voyagers. 31/01/2009

 There you have it, all that cold and all that climbing for Voyagers. The disadvantage of being on high is not being able to identify the stock, still the view was worth it and here's to the next time. . 31/01/2009

 A run out to Kidsgrove to see the Pathfinder charter from Bristol to Manchester Piccadilly and beyond. While waiting I took the opportunity to try to understand the new camera and attempt some speed shots. This Pendolino was really moving some and was the only one I managed to identify as 390042 "City of Bangor / Dinas Bangor" (I think). 24/01/2009

 Super Voyager identification is impossible at these speeds so this one is a mystery. 24/11/2009

 As is this one. 24/11/2009

 The problem at Kidsgrove is, that at these speeds, there is little time to switch the camera on and shoot without tending to snatch and so blur the shot. Great to watch though. 24/11/2009

 Stopping locals are no problem. 24/11/2009

 No ident. 24/11/2009

 There had been much hooting and tooting in the distance when I heard the sudden growl of a 37 being opened up. 37611 appeared off the Crewe line and, even better, 069 was in tow and heading for Stoke. Unfortunately I was at the wrong end of the station so this is a long shot. 24/11/2009

 Magnificent or what? 24/11/2009

 Finally the charter appeared with 66007 in charge. 24/11/2009

 Not bad for just under an hour. 24/11/2009

 Elizabeth will soon be on the move.....23/01/2008

 A brief visit to Crewe Station started with a string of three locomotives heading for the IEMD. Leading was 67012 " A Shropshire Lad" in Wrexham & Shropshire livery.....

.....followed by 92013 "Puccini" and bringing up the rear.....

 .....67017 "Arrow" in EWS (soon to be DBS?) livery. 22/01/2009

 DRS class 37 number 37611 arrived in bay platform 8 in a hurry 22/01/2009

After a few minutes it left, also in a hurry, and the station literally vibrated as the engine was opened up - magnificent! 22/01/2009