Holyhead time again for the Duchess and the support coach was with the engine at Crewe carrying that famous board, sadly there was no headboard for the engine. 13/06/2009

 The Ynys Mon Express waits to leave while most of the train's passengers had got off to see just what it was that would be taking them to The Isle of Anglesey 13/06/2009.

 Well we can dream can't we! If only.........

 Back to reality. 13/06/2009

 Frank Santrian has a pensive look about him - he would have wouldn't he, it's he who has to shovel all the way to Holyhead. Wish I had been with him though! 13/06/2009


 It really is absolutely magnificent to watch. 13/06/2009

 Tacked on the rear was 57601. 13/06/2009

 Parked up waiting for the morning Holyhead bound Pendolino was 57310 "KYRANO". 13/06/2009

 Also parked up was 57314, formerly "FIREFLY", in ARRIVA livery . 13/06/2009

 An array of class 47's was on the diesel depot. 13/06/2009

 Next was class 40 number 40145 "East Lancashire Railway" on an outing from Rawtenstal to Aberystwyth. 13/06/2009

 About to take the Nantwich line. 13/06/2009

6233 was now back from Holyhead and about to hand over the train to diesel haulage back to Sheffield. 13/06/2009

  How many times over the years must this engine have entered this station? 13/06/2009

 I wonder how much longer we will be seeing those LNWR screens at Crewe? 13/06/2009

 The diesel unhooked off the rear of the train and ran round. 13/06/2009

 Homeward bound. 13/06/2009

 The class 40 also arrived back from Wales running about 30 down. 13/06/2009

 Well we had to have at least one "nostalgia" shot. 13/06/2009