57314 was back on station waiting for work at Crewe. 03/03/2009

 66620 drifted in with one vehicle in tow. 03/3/2009

 It eventually left the wagon to run round before heading off South. 03/03/2009

 Pendolino 390035 "City of Lancaster" was waiting to leave platform 6 en route for Manchester while 158837 stood in bay platform 7. 03/03/2009

 The 158 was due to leave for Shrewsbury. 03/03/2009

 There was some innovative thinking behind this item. 03/03/2009

 The track through platform 12 was receiving some TLC from these heroes - the weather was awful, howling wind, driving rain and very cold but they kept on working. Truly heroic stuff not to mention backbreaking work. 03/03/2009

 Hippo 108 was on its way to Manchester from South Wales. 03/03/2009

 221104 "Sir John Franklin" came out of the Crewe undergrowth while leaving on a late-running Chester-Euston service. 03/03/2009

 First of the Hippo/0 was ready to leave for Crewe judging by the matrix indicator. 03/03/2009

 90021, in First ScotRail livery, was waiting to enter the IEMD after arriving from the North. 03/03/2009