Stanier 8F 48151 skirts the sea front at Old Colwyn en route for Llandudno Junction and Blaenau Ffestiniog with The Welsh Mountaineer emanating from Preston. 28/07/2010

 Heading for Colwyn Bay with the pier just visible in the background through the heavy rain. 28/07/2010

 A quick drive along the Conwy Valley to see 151 slowly round the curve to emerge from the lush vegetation into Tal-y-Cafn station. 28/07/2010

 Carrying the name "GAUGE O' GUILD" this is one impressive locomotive but then it would be, it's a Stanier! 28/07/2010

 Passing carefully over the road crossing the train continued its climb. 28/07/2010

 The station sign on the disused platform was supplied by local residents who also look after the grassed platform. 28/07/2010

 Looking towards Blaenau Ffestiniog and an interesting notice? 28/07/2010

 Later that afternoon I returned to Tal-y-Cafn to see the train return to the Junction but this time was intending to catch it with the Conwy River in the foreground. Having crossed the impressive steel bridge I walked up a small lane to a suitable vantage point. What a delightful spot this is with Swallows in abundance and hardly a sound which made it easy to hear the train coming. With the steam being a giveaway I caught my first glimpse of it through the trees as it left the station. 28/07/2010

 Gaps in the bushes allowed me to follow its progress. 28/07/2010

 Our bovine friends were more interested in me than the train, obviously not Stanier fans. 28/07/2010