Another hop to pick up the train at Llandudno Junction where it had arrived, tender first, into the station and was paused for uncoupling and a run round. 28/07/2010

 The engine ran out towards the Castle and returned behind the station buildings thus preventing a decent shot. 28/07/2010

 Reversing onto the train. 28/07/2010

 Waiting to leave. 28/07/2010

 I noticed that the overgrown sidings had been reballasted....

 ....and the "strategic" wagons were fast disappearing into the undergrowth. 28/07/2010

 Poetry in motion? 28/07/2010

 A hazy view through the overbridge glass. 28/07/2010

 The train was supposed to be held at the Junction long enough for me to see it again at Old Colwyn where I arrived early enough to walk to Rainbow Bridge for a different shot. However, as I arrived and prepared to walk I saw 151 passing through Colwyn Bay station and just managed two shots of it on the embankment - clearly it was early against the scheduled time. 28/07/2010

 Impressive from any angle. 28/07/2010