Saturday 5th June 2010 and the PMR Tours' charter "The Fylde Coast Express" running from Sheffield to Blackpool, arrived into Crewe's platform 11 with 47270 "SWIFT" and 57601 at the head. Here the two diesels had just arrived while 57311 "PARKER" sat waiting to take the London - Holyhead Pendolino drag. 05/06/2010

 92017 in "StobartRail" livery made a silent appearance which resulted in a snatched shot. The small gallery generally used on such occasions as this had been fenced off hence the ugly railings in the foreground. 05/06/2010

 The two diesels were unhooked and taken forward. 05/06/2010

 The star of the day, 6233 "Duchess of Sutherland" reversed onto the train. 05/06/2010

 Driver Bill Andrew makes last minute checks before departure. 05/06/2010

 Most of the crowd of onlookers had rejoined the train and it was time to go. 05/06/2010

 It was a real loco-fest day at Crewe and the next arrivals were from Grantham with The Snowdonia Statesman, bound for Blaenau Ffestiniog. 47826 was leading,,,,,

.....complete with advertising for the Scarborough Spa Express. 05/06/2010

 57311 was started up and promptly left to take its position just North of the station to await the Pendolino. 05/06/2010

 Minutes later, 57315 arrived off the Chester line presumably on Rugex duty and bound for Cardiff. 05/06/2010

 On the back end was 57313. 05/06/2010

 47804 was on the rear of the Blaenau train. 05/06/2010