While waiting on platform 11 for Merchant Navy class 35028 "Clan Line" to emerge from the LNWR (Heritage) workshops after repairs, 66023 passed through heading North with a train of EWS/DBS hoppers. 29/11/2010

 Eventually, through the undergrowth, the Southern pacific ventured out. 29/11/2010

 Platform 12 and the centre road were occupied so platform 11 was utilised. 29/11/2010

 The engine, with support coach, stopped just South of the station and then reversed into platform 12 where a class 67 had arrived earlier with a train of ex-Virgin coaches. 29/11/2010

 It was a bad day for photographing the pacific. Here is a shot with the locomotive squeezed between OLE uprights and a class 70 inconveniently parked on the centre road. 29/11/2010

 Fortunately this ugly looking brute, and they are ugly machines, left in a hurry. 29/11/2010

 Meanwhile, Clan Line was pushing back onto the coaching stock to be coupled up. Inevitably the drain cocks were frequently opened to remove condensate from the cylinders and that didn't help the poor chap with the tripod on the platform. 29/11/2010

 66414 "James the Engine" in Stobart livery, arrived with 37601 "Class37-"Fifty"" dead in tow. 29/11/2010

 The 37 was dumped while the 66 ran round...... return through platform 11. 29/11/2010

 Did you ever see a class 66 brewing up? 29/11/2010

 Ancient and modern. 29/11/2010

 I always preferred these Britannia-like rebuilds to the original Bullied design. 29/11/2010

 A truly magnificent machine to which I contributed 10/- (ten shillings or 50p) after seeing a picture of the engine, in a dilapidated condition, and without a tender, on a green appeal sheet inserted into a copy of Railway World many, many years ago. Anyone remember that? 29/11/2010

 On the rear was 67027, partly named "Rising Star", the name plate on this side clearly having become unstuck - literally. I'm amazed to find that these plates are merely stuck on. 2911/2010

 67027 disappears into the November mists. 29/11/2010