Crewe Station and the remains of dismantled Super Voyager 221 144 remain parked in bay platform 8, the three intermediate coaches having been used to beef up the class 221's that were introduced as four coach sets. 05/08/2011

 390054, currently unnamed and the first of the new, 11 car units to be delivered. 054 has been reduced to a nine car set for operational reasons, mainly varying platform lengths. 05/08/2011

 390036 "City of Coventry" on its way North. 05/08/2011

 66422 en route North with a long train of containers. 05/08/2011

 175103 en route for South Wales. 05/08/2011

 66065 "Spirit of Jaguar" appeared with a DVT and class 66 in tow. 05/08/2011

 DVT 82146 in EWS (DBS) livery, this vehicle is part of the DBS Executive Train. 05/08/2011

 66016 was bringing up the rear. 05/08/2011

 The distinctive shape of a "Britannia" class steam locomotive appeared through the heat haze and this was the purpose of the visit to Crewe. 05/08/2011

 70013 "Oliver Cromwell" the last of the class to receive a heavy overhaul at Crewe Works and the last Britannia in service before the end of steam on the British network. The engine was travelling to Crewe Heritage Centre in preparation for its charter run to Holyhead on Sunday 7th August. 05/08/2011

 I can't remember how many times I watched these locomotives arrive and depart from Crewe when steam traction was at its peak. I was always impressed by the business-like pipework around the firebox, I loved those engines! 05/08/2011

 Watching the road! 05/08/2011

 "Cromwell" has returned to its birthplace when it formed part of the scheme to modernise the UK railway network, so run-down during the 39-45 war. Sadly these locomotives and many like them didn't survive for long as diesel and electric traction took over, some lasting as little as five years in service from new. 05/08/2011

 On its way to The Heritage Centre. 05/08/2011