Under restoration at LNWR (Heritage), Crewe, is 37108, this side in blue.....

 .....and this side in maroon. 19/01/2011

 Also on site, and looking much smarter in its DRS livery, is 37683. 19/01/2011

 6100, "Royal Scot" - beautiful! 19/01/2011

 Today was the day that Standard Tank number 80136 was to be re-associated with it wheels.
Here the lifting tackle is being attached in readiness for the lift.

 Taking up the slack. 19/01/2011

 The engine, minus boiler and firebox, slowly lifts into the air. 19/01/2011

 Moving across towards the wheel sets requires a great deal of concentration and skill in order to co-ordinate the two cranes. 19/01/2011

 Swinging the engine around on the end of straps in order to align it with the wheels. 19/01/2011

 The wheels await. 19/01/2011

 80136 is a rolling unit once again. 19/01/2011

 The tank engine was later moved, together with its cab roof, to await its new boiler. 19/01/2011

 Coronation Pacific 6233 "Duchess of Sutherland" has been withdrawn from service for a 10 year overhaul and the boiler is to be refurbished at Crewe. This is the boiler arriving and although I've seen the Duchess on many occasions I never appreciated just how big the boiler really is - it is massive. 19/01/2011

 The boiler was removed from the road vehicle and placed on wooden blocks. 19/01/2011

 It was then lifted in order to place it on its side. 19/01/2011

 Rolling over - very carefully. 19/01/2011

 It looked even bigger when on its side. 19/01/2011

 The cavernous firebox. 19/01/2011