Sandbach Station and the return of the Deltic is awaited. In the meantime a couple of Pendolinos to practice on, the Sun is in the South West and not far off being in line with the rails - not easy and the steel works don't help. This one must remain anonymous due to the angle but.....

 ......this one heading for Crewe was 390037 "Virgin Difference" and it was going some as well. . 06/03/2011

 If you have never heard a Deltic in full cry you will know it when you do hear it. It is an unmistakable drone and I swear I could hear it leaving Crewe. 06/03/2011

 It is truly a huge beast but it does make an impressive sight. 05/03/2011

 Nantwich and 175101 leaves the station to head for Shrewsbury and probably South Wales. 101 was the first of the 175 class to be allowed out and for some time ran as a two car unit while on test. 05/03/2011

 150279 en route for Shrewsbury. 05/03/2011

 This is what happens when you play on railway lines! Somebody has lost a friend. 05/03/2011

 ...and the reason for the visit to Nantwich. The Duke. 05/03/2011

 71000 was hauling UK Railtours' charter "The Salopian" from Euston through Shrewsburry then via Bescot and back to Euston. Isn't this the most inspirational of machines? 05/03/2011

 Spitfire Railtours' positioning tour running from Preston to London Euston hauled by Class 55 Deltic number D9000/55022, "Royal Scots Grey". 04/03/2011

 The positioning run was in preparation for Spitfire's tour from London Kings Cross to Edinburgh on Saturday 5th March, 2011. 04/03/2011

 The train was held in platform 12 for about 10 minutes but left on time. 04/03/2011

 57316 was apparently receiving attention while parked up. 04/03/2011

 At the LNWR (Heritage) workshops number 70000 "Britannia" was in steam and in black. 04/03/2011

 Waiting to enter platform one was my carriage home 323225. 04/03/2011