Remnants of the disused pier at Llanddulas catching the evening Sun. 20/09/2011

 As seen from the Llanddulas beach a couple of days later. Work was only possible during the low tides which are particularly low at this time of the year. 22/09/2011

 As work was interrupted by the tides, this stump was all that remained by 29th September. A few days later the pier was but a memory and the Cormorants had to find another home.

 While photographing the pier I noticed an entrance under the railway embankment.

 It had clearly been sealed up at some stage but had subsequently been opened up again, probably illicitly.

 I have no idea what its original purpose was and didn't have a torch with me so couldn't venture through to see where it led to. Mystery!.

 150241 passing through Aston Juxta Mondrum (honest) on its way to Chester as the Crewe-Chester shuttle. 10/09/2011

 Steam day in South Cheshire and 60163 "Tornado" heads for Chester with The Cathedrals Express. On the skyline is the John Wedgwood monument on Bignall Hill in Staffordshire. This monument can be seen quite clearly from the A500, 10/09/2011

 Well away from what would have been its home stamping ground on the LNER system, 163 was still a welcome sight, resplendent in its new coat of Brunswick green - much better. 10/09/2011

 The train passed under the road bridge and headed West past the former station - Aston Juxta Mondrum? 10/09/2011

 A second round of steam was to be had at Sandbach as 6201 "Princess Elizabeth" was held while on its way to York. The locomotive, together with its support coach, arrived early and was put at the back of the station while waiting for a clear path.

 Sadly this engine is no longer based at Crewe but still a frequent visitor to the area. 10/09/2011

 6201 was clearly impatient to be off as the safety valves started to lift. 10/09/2011

 ....and finally away. 10/09/2011

 Two shots of WCRC's class 5 passing through Nantwich en route for Shrewsbury with a "Lune Rivers Trust" charter. 02/09/2011