We're back!
Apologies for the lack of updates, in January a disk in my back went pop (OUCH) and so no more outings for a few weeks.

 Sandbach station and 323225 departs for Crewe on the Manchester-Crewe shuttle service. 24/04/2013

 While 323235 departs on the reverse service, GBRf's 66723 crept in to the avoiding line with a North-bound freight. 24/04/2013

 66723 waited for a path. 24/04/2013

 Hippo 175009 shot through at a pace heading for Crewe. 24/04/2013

 67005 "Queen's Messenger" passed through light engine. 24/04/2013

 As did 66591 heading towards Crewe with a storm gathering in the background. 24/04/2013

 Sandbach station has a nice new car park. 24/04/2013

 The old one is receiving attention. 24/04/2013

 Calveley, between Crewe and Chester and 60163 "TORNADO" is in charge of The Cathedrals Express en route for Holyhead. Sadly the locomotive failed just outside Rhyl on the return trip with what I understand was a compressor failure. A class 67 was called from Holyhead to take the train forward. 21/04/2013

 150280 passed through on the Crewe-Chester shuttle.. 21/04/2013