Sandbach station and two Super Voyagers head North at speed. 18/08/2013

 Followed by 37516 "Loch Laidon" hauling The North Wales Coast Express on behalf of The Railway Touring Company en route for Holyhead via Manchester. Unlike the class 47's used on previous occasions, this time the growler could be heard long before it came into view - brilliant! 18/08/2013

 As on the previous occasion, there was a Stanier class 5 on the rear, this time it was 45305 looking resplendent in the bright sunshine. 18/08/2013

Lostock Gralam and 175013 heads towards Chester. 18/08/2013

150116 bound for Southport! 18/08/2013

The class 5 again moving at speed. 18/08/2013

This time 37516 was on the rear. 18/08/2013

On the Manchester-bound platforms there are "mind the step" warnings but on the Chester side a ramp is being fitted to remove the drop.18/08/2013

I followed the train to Greenbank station where the engine was taking on water, supplied from a road tanker parked on the bridge. Also in attendance in the station yard was a fire engine, presumably as back-up. The last time i used this station it was called Hartford and Greenbank in order to differentiate it from the Hartford (Cheshire) station just up the road and on the West Coast Main Line. As a youngster I spent many a happy hour on the grass embankment at Hartford - in the real days of steam. 18/08/2013

Greenbank station is somewhat restricted in length at the bridge end and a full length shot was difficult. 18/08/2013

Finally it was time to leave but some 20 minutes down. This was probably quite good because the train was already 15 down from Crewe. 18/08/2013

The diesel driver gave the waving youngsters a tune on the two-tones which was much appreciated by all present. 18/08/2013

The 37 was providing assistance as the train hit the incline out of Greenbank. 18/08/2013

Greenbank has a handsome signal box. 18/08/2013