While the entourage was held at the end of platform 12, a double headed freight entered the loop with two class 37's in charge. 23/07/2013

Leading was 37606 with 37602 following. 23/07/2013

The length of the train effectively blocked access to and from platforms 7, 8, 11 and 12 while there was, presumably, a crew change. 23/07/2013

Meanwhile "Braunton" was still waiting. 23/07/2013

Then, a double yellow. 23/07/2013

I assume the 57 was leading as a precaution against fire risk. Even so the Pacific was in steam and, as the pair departed, the cylinder drain cocks were opened and the 57 enjoyed having its underside steam cleaned! 23/07/2013

Pure theatre. 23/07/2013

Parked up was ex-Thunderbird 57307, still sporting its pink "Lady Penelope" nameplate. The livery presents a stark warning to would-be cable thieves. 23/07/2013

Parked in bay platform 3 was 350248 with an interesting logo on the cab door. 23/07/2013

Arriving back at Sandbach I was puzzled when the train slowed and entered what I guess is platform 3, usually used as a goods loop and for access to the Middlewich branch, I have never seen that before. The green light has the "feather" to indicate rejoining the down main line. The down main had been in use earlier in the day.23/07/2013

Strange. 23/07/2013