Sandbach station and 66533 "Hanjin Express/Senator Express" is hurrying North towards Manchester.  25/07/2013

 Crewe now and 66430 drew into platform 12 where it held for a crew change before heading North.  25/07/2013

 82029 (again) paused before leaving South on the main line. 25/07/2013

 57314, 57315 and 57601 appeared in the loop, the first two looking resplendent. 25/07/2013

 47245 brought in 70013 "Oliver Cromwell" and 34067 "Tangmere", complete with support coaches. 70013 was the last steam locomotive to receive a full overhaul at Crewe Works. 25/07/2013

 The two ex-Thunderbirds refused to move so a closer look, 57601 had been detached and moved to the North end of the station. 25/07/2013

 The new buffers in bay platforms 9 & 10 have received their accumulators. 25/07/2013

 57601 waiting. 25/07/2013

 Because the BB class loco was scheduled to depart first, destination Carnforth, the "Brit" & coach were removed. 25/07/2013

 The pair were taken out onto the Chester line.....

 Then brought back. 25/07/2013

 .....and parked on the loop. 25/07/2013

 601 then ran out and reversed onto the Battle of Britain loco. 25/07/2013

 The 47 left 70013 and parked in platform 11, making quite a scene including
57307 "Lady Penelope". 25/07/2013

 Eventually 57601 and 34067 left for Carnforth. 25/07/2013

 Now 57601 was receiving the steam-clean. 25/07/2013

 The 47 disappeared and 70013 was left, later to depart for The East Lancashire Railway where it is to be involved with a re-enactment of the 15 guinea special from yesteryear. 25/07/2013

A product of Crewe! 25/07/2013