Sandbach station and 47826 has drawn up at the rear of the station with Compass Tours' "The Heart of Wales Express" bound for Belper after a visit to Cardiff.  29/07/2013

The train had been sidelined to wait for a Manchester bound service train in the shape of 175113..  29/07/2013

826 was given the feather to rejoin the main line and made a spirited start.  29/07/2013

Crossing over with the Middlewich branch going off to the left.  29/07/2013

As ever, 57601.  29/07/2013

A visit to The East Lancashire Railway and 40135 is waiting to leave for Bury. The occasion was the second day of the "End of Steam Gala" where the 15 guinea special had been recreated the day before. The ELR is never easy to photograph and I did miss many of the engines present including two Stanier class 5's and the Super D. Nevertheless it was a good day out and well worth the money.  28/07/2013

Drawing into Bury station and 70013 "Oliver Cromwell" was waiting in the yard.  28/07/2013

Also waiting was "Jinty" 47584.  28/07/2013

"The Sapper".  28/07/2013

Back up at the Heywood end and 70013 was running round its train.  28/07/2013

The Britannia was running with painted-on names which I assume was how in was turned out that day back in August 1968?  28/07/2013

80080 was waiting at Rawtenstall to attach to the train for return to Bury.  28/07/2013

It was a mixed traction day.  28/07/2013

The Jinty was doing what Jinties always did and that was to potter around stations and goods yards just being useful.  28/07/2013

This seemed to be cast into the bridge - I have no idea what it is?  28/07/2013

The class 40 again.  28/07/2013

A double yellow!  28/07/2013

 Sandbach station circa 07.00hrs and a weather worn Pendolino hurtles through on its way to Crewe and beyond.  26/07/2013

 46233 thrashing through - WOW!  26/07/2013

 46233 "Duchess of Sutherland" hauling "The Scarborough Flyer". 26/07/2013

 You just can't have too much of a good thing, especially in BR green!!  26/07/2013

 On the back end was 47580 "County of Essex"  26/07/2013

 Lurking in the distance was 86501 with a freight. This train has to switch over the main line to gain the Crewe avoiding lines and so was held until the Duchess had passed.  26/07/2013