JULY 2014 - PAGE TWO  


 Churnet Valley Railway, Kingsley & Froghall station and the first train of the day has arrived from Cheddleton and ex Polish Railways TKH 0-6-0 tank engine 2944 performs its run round in preparation for its return to Cheddleton. The class 33 diesel is in the formation to provide air because the tank is waiting for a replacement air pump. 09/07/2014

 33102 "Sophie". 09/07/2014

 Reattached to the train. 09/07/2014

 At the Northern end of the line, Leek Brook, the locomotives run round again. 09/07/2014

 Leaving the passing loop and heading back to Cheddleton. 09/07/2014

 Foxgloves. 09/07/2014

 Waiting to leave Cheddleton. 09/07/2014

 In the yard was N7 tank engine 69621. This locomotive has been on hire to the CVR for some time but now requires attention but, because its ticket expires this month, repairs will probably not occur. 09/07/2014

 Class 04 diesel D2334 awaiting repairs. 09/07/2014

 2871 - the other Polish tank engine. 09/07/2014

 At Cheddleton the DMU was having its batteries charged. 09/07/2014

 Cheddleton station building with its new cafe - doesn't really fit does it! 09/07/2014

 The train approached. 09/07/2014

 Returning from Leek Brook. 09/07/2014

 Froghall station. 09/07/2014

 Departing Froghall. 09/07/2014