JUNE 2014 - PAGE ONE  


 Keighley and Worth Valley Railway and it's Diesel Gala time as class 25 visitor, D5217, arrives at Oxenhope with the 09.10 train from Keighley. 08/06/2014

 The run round. 08/06/2014

 At Keighley there was a shuttle service running to Ingrow (West) and back, hauled by a variety of shunting locomotives. This one is the railway's unique prototype D0226 "Vulcan" heading up bank out of Keighley. 08/06/2014

 The railway has a turntable - a most valuable item on any heritage railway. 08/06/2014

 Inside The Vintage Carriage Trust's display shed and what I assume to be the Waggon und Maschinenbau railbus, No. 79962 recently acquired by the Trust. The stock on display is incredible and well worth the visit. 08/06/2014

 "Lord Mayor"

 Mersey Docks & Harbour Board shunter No.32 on the Keighley-Ingrow shuttle. 08/06/2014

 The locomotive was pushing its stock onto the running line in preparation for departure back to Keighley. 08/06/2014

 Class 31 D5830 in "Golden Ochre" livery was another visitor to the line, this time from The Great Central Railway. 08/06/2014

 Haworth footbridge and the arrival of 37075 and D5830 in "double header" formation. The class 37 had just received a repaint into unbranded freight grey. 08/06/2014

 After what appeared to be a fairly quiet start in the morning, by mid-day the crowds had picked up and most trains seemed to be reasonably well loaded. 08/06/2014

 Haworth's Central Park - YUK! It's a RAILWAY station, we're not in America. 08/06/2014

 After a stroll through the park it was time to see the famous "hill" or main street. See it, yes - climb it, no. 08/06/2014

 Why is it allowed? 08/06/2014

 Back on the railway and the two class 25's arrived with the 13.40 to Keighley. 08/06/2014

 25059 trailing. 08/06/2014

 On the shuttle behind "Vulcan" and climbing out of Keighley where two locomotives were resting, Class 20, 20031......

  ......and Class 33, 33035. 08/06/2014

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