June 22nd 2014 and it's the second day of the Llangollen Railway's Heritage Railcar Gala, courtesy of Llangollen Railcars.
I won't pretend to know details of the various classes.

 Carrog station and the arrival of the second train of the day. We boarded the train for Llangollen via Bonwm, the current limit of operation on the Corwen extension.

 Carrog is a charming and very friendly station - peaceful and on the day after the longest day, with brilliant blue sky and warm sunshine, what more could one want.

 Returning to Carrog saw another arrival pausing before leaving for Bonwm. The timetable was extensive with units being coupled and uncoupled, I don't know who compiled the timetable but all credit to them.

 On its way.

 We decamped at Glyndyfrdwy, hurried across the line before the crossing gates were closed, to find we had been riding with "Daisy" of, amongst others, Conwy Valley and North Wales Coast fame.

 "Daisy" in service on the North Wales Coast, seen here at LlanfairPG on 7th May 2000.

 We boarded the next arrival bound for Carrog and beyond.

 Once again we left the train to catch the Llangollen train which meant a hurried move across the road bridge - just time for the mandatory shot from over.

 We managed to get a seat in the trailing section which gives a perspective to the line not normally seen from steam hauled trains. This is Glyndyfrdwy station.

 Next stop on the line is Deeside Halt.....

 ......where trains pass and tokens are exchanged.

 The beautiful River Dee.

 Dropping down in to Llangollen meant another pause while tokens were exchanged with this outbound unit.

 Llangollen station with "Daisy" on the right and M56456, a Cravens unit currently undergoing restoration.

 Another mandatory Llangollen Railway shot.

 A nice meal at The Corn Mill followed by a coffee on the station and it's back on the rails.

 More token swapping, this time as we leave Llangollen.

 The swap!

 Even more token swapping.

 Again, the view from the end car opens up the perspective on the line, I wasn't aware for instance, that Berwyn tunnel was so curved.

 Carrog again.

 A "Shark" at Carrog.

 Next train in rounding the curve on the approach to Carrog.

 More tokens.

 Contrasting designs.

 Departure for Bonwm.

 It is strange to see trains leaving this way after all the years that Carrog has been the limit of travel - good though, I can't wait to ride to Corwen.

 Carrog station has some interesting chimneys.

 A most enjoyable day with a great many miles covered. The units were excellent even down to the rattles and noisy exhausts. Those are no insults, I travelled a great deal on this type of stock in its heyday and they did exactly then what they do now - fantastic and all credit to the people who keep them running for our enjoyment.