Colas liveried Plasser & Theurer tamper. 22/11/2014

 "Bittern", having taken its train onto the Chester triangle to reverse, pulled down onto the sidings behind the station. 22/11/2014

 A4 front end. 22/11/2014

 An A4 pacific in full Winter Sun. 22/11/2014

 Well almost full Sun, unfortunately there was a badly positioned high-rise crane in the city casting its shadow onto the engine. 22/11/2014

 Reversing and positioning the A4 took quite a while so I missed my planned return to Crewe. 22/11/2014

 Missing the shuttle proved fortunate because shortly after it left a Rail Head Treatment Train (RHTT) passed through the station en route for Crewe. An extremely grubby 97303 was in charge. 22/11/2014

 Somewhat cleaner, 97304 was on the rear. 22/11/2014

 A plaque on the side of the A4 reads "In 2013 this locomotive undertook three 90mph runs to honour Mallard's world speed record of 1938". 22/11/2014

 The pacific detached from its train to reverse behind where it had a rendezvous with a coal vehicle. 22/11/2014

 Coaling up. 22/11/2014

 175003 waited to leave for Manchester. 22/11/2014

 My journey back to Crewe took the form of Euston-bound "double-heading" Voyagers, 221116 and 221103. 22/11/2014

 At Crewe it was noticeable that the majority of Pendolinos were travelling with their coupling covers either missing or open. 22/11/2014

 My ride home in the form of 323237 was parked up to keep free platform 1 from where the Crewe-Manchester service normally arrived and departed. 22/11/2014