West Country pacific "City of Wells" arriving at Ramsbottom from Rawtenstall. By now trains were running some 20 minutes down and that was to get worse as the day progressed. 10/01/2016

 The Pacific was running in "Golden Arrow" garb - a bit off the beaten track really but still interesting to see for us "Northerners". 10/01/2016

 After a prolonged delay at Ramsbottom we arrived at Rawtenstall. 10/01/2016

 Impressive landscape on the way back to Bury. 10/01/2016

 Equally impressive is the viaduct now used as a walkway judging by the people stood on it. I assume this was part of the defunct line that diverged at Stubbins and ran through Haslingden to Accrington? 10/01/2016

 Back at Ramsbottom and arrival of the "Scotsman" was imminent. There were crowds just about everywhere on the railway property and along most of the fields and bridges along the route. 10/01/2016

 The Gresley corridor tender. 10/01/2016

 I couldn't get a proper shot without risking losing my head so I just had to point and shoot - best I could do. 10/01/2016

 More crowds at Heywood, this time watching the "Crab" but clearly waiting for the "Scotsman" which would be the next train to arrive. It was virtually impossible to gain access to the fence line but I just managed to squeeze in. 10/01/2016

 Built at Crewe in 1927 - I prefer it in lined black with its BR number. However, it still looks magnificent, a job well done. A very enjoyable day on a very likable railway. 10/01/2016