Shrewsbury station and I had arrived from Crewe aboard 158830, running from Manchester Piccadilly to Cardiff. The train was packed to the roof and, if the air conditioning was working, it clearly wasn't! The heat and humidity was excruciating and, of course, there were no windows to open - disgraceful ARRIVA Wales, you should be ashamed and apologise to all the young children who were clearly suffering. 05/06/2016

 Shrewsbury has a magnificent station. 05/06/2016

 Inside as well. 05/06/2016

 The foot bridge is looking to be in need of some TLC and I thought it looked dangerously decrepit until I saw people walking across it. I'm not sure it serves the station. 05/06/2016

 45699 "Galatea" arrived with The Cambrian Coast Express, a four day, Steam Dreams charter.
Today it was bound for Pwllheli but diesel hauled.

 The Jubilee came off the train and returned to Carnforth with a stop-off at Crewe Heritage Centre. It had stopped on the curve in the station and beyond the reach of cameras so I went into the town to catch it leaving. 05/06/2016

 The Castle. 05/06/2016

 Due to various restrictions on the Cambrian Coast line it was necessary to have the train hauled by a Network Rail locomotive, 97304 "John Tiley". 05/06/2016

 The NR locomotive was ably assisted by WCRC class 37 number 37516 "Loch Laidon". 05/06/2016

 Class 170 units were parked up for the weekend. 05/06/2016

 Super Voyager 221111 passed though on an ecs working. 05/06/2016

 On the approach to Crewe, 92014 and 92033 were parked up. 05/06/2016

 My return journey was by 175001 which was also packed to the roof with the end vestibules full of people and luggage. The food trolley was unable to pass down the train and was serving from the rear vestibule. Fortunately the air conditioning was working. The ride in the 175 was far superior to the 158 which sounded clapped out. 05/06/2016

 57307 "Lady Penelope" was waiting for work. 05/06/2016

 Because Northern Trains only run Crewe-Manchester trains every two hours on Sundays I had time to spare hanging around Crewe station. Having seen that the Jubilee was parked on the Heritage Centre, I was pleased to see it move forward and an orange clad person standing at the ground frame by the HC. The ground frame is used to release stock from the HC and eventually "Galatea" edged out onto the up line, reversed and entered the station UDL. 05/06/2016

 Waiting to leave for Carnforth. 05/06/2016