MAY 2016 - PAGE ONE

 Quorn station on the Great Central Railway and today is the Railways at Work Gala. 8F, 48624 had just arrived with a Leicester North train. 22/05/2016

 Soon afterwards 45305 ran through with a freight working. 22/05/2016

 46521 ran North with Cromwell stock. 22/05/2016

 53808 ran South as light engine. 22/05/2016

 Time for a ride with 92214 in charge. 22/05/2016

 Leicester North station with 92214 running round its train. 22/05/2016

 Stanier Class 5 awaiting its next turn. 22/05/2016

 Brake Tender under construction. 22/05/2016

 DMU at Loughborough. 22/05/2016

 Stock at Loughborough depot. 22/05/2016

 Walking through the shed door to witness this was breathtaking! 22/05/2016

 78018. 22/05/2016

 Boscastle. 22/05/2016

 45491. 22/05/2016

 The site of the extension to link up with the GCR Nottingham Ltd and in the distance can be seen an HST on the line that has to be bridged. 22/05/2016