Chester station and prototype "Hippo" waits to depart for Holyhead. The train was held for several minutes for the arrival of a unit from the Wrexham route. 19/11/2016

 The unit arrived and disgorged more people than I have ever seen leave a two car train. 19/11/2016

 158824 waited to depart for Holyhead. 19/11/2016

 56105 appeared with an RHTT train. 19/11/2016

 56087 brought up the rear with the cab end conveniently cleaned. 19/11/2016

 Merseyrail unit 507008 departing for Liverpool. 19/11/2016

 Running about an hour down, 44871 and 45407 "THE LANCASHIRE FUSILIER" arrived with The Christmas Cheshireman running from Bristol via Wrexham. 19/11/2016

 Virgin Super Voyager 221115, my transport home. 19/11/2016

 The two engines with their train had run out of the station and reversed into the sidings for servicing, this is a departing shot taken from the 221115. 19/11/2016

 68013 at Crewe. 19/11/2016

 67003 at Crewe waiting to depart North. 19/11/2016