25th APRIL 2018

 As Pendolino 390154 left Crewe for Glasgow, there was a flash and a bang and the train came to a stop. Apparently having suffered a pantograph problem, the train was unable to move and was blocking several lines.

 Eventually the train was re-energised and reversed into platform 11. The passengers were detrained, then allowed to re-board the train, before it eventually left for its destination.

 Having been unable to access bay platform 9 due to the stranded Pendolino, 150285 finally arrived with the Crewe-Chester shuttle.

 Stanier "black five" 45212 had been waiting to leave the Heritage Centre and was scheduled to run onto the UDL. However, when it did eventually enter the station it ran into bay platform 10, fooling the photographers in the process.

 This Pendolino was held for almost an hour because of signalling problems near Hartford which had added to the day's problems. It eventually left to be diverted via Manchester as were many other services.

 45212 left to take on more water on platform 12.

 175010 on a South Wales-Manchester service, unusually ran into platform 5.

 A Network Rail inspection train entered the station with 43014 leading and 43013 at the rear.

 Having expected a Jubilee to head The Great Briton XI, Merchant Navy class 35018, "British India Line" brought the train into platform 12.

 Class 37, 37668 was on the rear.

 At the South end of the station, 35018 was detached from the train to run forward onto the Basford Hall triangle to turn

 153312, forming the Crewe-Shrewsbury shuttle, was forced to use platform 11 instead of its usual bay platform 7 which was being used to store the class 350 units that were out of position due to the signalling problems.

 45212 had been parked South of the station and now reversed onto the train to take it forward to Cardiff.

 The "black five" made an impressive departure.


 Having turned on the triangle, 35018 entered platform 12 to take on water in preparation for its return to Carnforth.

 90049 and 90016 accessed the UDL for a crew change before leaving with a northbound freight.

 Later, 35018 left for Carnforth.

 My chariot home after an interesting day.