CREWE 21st JULY 2018

 Sandbach and 319386 moaned its way North.

 Crewe and 88005 brought the Euston-Crewe charter into platform 12 in connection with the DRS's Gresty Bridge open day.
I've never seen so many enthusiasts on this station before and clearly the Virgin staff were nervous of the event which doesn't excuse their appalling attitude to people. Threats to call the BTP brought nothing but ridicule and at least the BTP staff are polite and respected as a result. Bad show Virgin, it not the way to treat those who pay the money, quite rightly you don't allow your staff to be abused, but it does work both ways!

 68016 "Fearless" was on the rear.

 88005 "Minerva" with 57304 "Pride of Cheshire" and 57309 "Pride of Crewe" on standby.

 The charter was moved onto the Diesel Depot, presumably for servicing.

 DVT 82308 entered from the Chester line with 67013 providing the traction.

 The set later left for Holyhead.

 Having gone to Crewe to see the 44871, I was surprised to see "Leander" as well, both under the control of 37706.

 68010 "Oxford Flyer" paused before leaving for Gresty Bridge.

 The entourage parked in platform 12 to allow 44871 to take on water while on its way to Bristol.

 45690 "Leander" was at spending the night at Crewe Heritage Centre in preparation for its run to Holyhead the next day.

 Shades of the final days of steam.

 My chariot home.