MAY 2018 - PAGE ONE


 Quorn station on the Great Central Railway and 6990 "Witherslack Hall" was shunting stock into a siding..

 Leicester North station and 8F 48624 had just arrived from Loughborough.

 46521 had brought in a mixed traffic working and had what sounded like a drain cock blowing for most of the journey.

 Two vintage mail coaches containing an exhibition had been deposited at Leicester North which unfortunately blocked the traditional view of the locomotive performing its runround.

 At Loughborough, the brake tender together with Class 25, D5185, was being moved around by 6990.

 Back at Quorn and "Oliver Cromwell" passed through with a breakdown train.

 Once again 6990 shunted stock into the siding.

 Mogul 46521, with drain cock still blowing, ran South with some stock and stopped just past the signal box before reversing into Quorn yard.

 Glinting in reflected sunlight, 73156 headed North for Loughborough.

 I hadn't seen the Quorn turntable before and while there, 46521 obligingly propelled a brake van onto it.

 Meanwhile, out on the main line, Jinty 47406 had been red flagged by the signalman.
It then moved forward and stopped in the station platform

 6990 then reversed to couple up with the Jinty.