CREWE APRIL 13th 2019

 Sandbach and the Crewe-Liverpool service heads North.

 The reverse working will take me to Crewe.

 60163 "Tornado" left the Heritage Centre and reversed onto the UDL.

 70000, "Britannia", shining in the sunlight while waiting to leave its home depot.

 The William Shakespeare, running Preston-Stratford, arrived behind D1924 "Crewe Diesel Depot".

 The Border Raider arrived behind 67028 and entered platform 11.

 70000 reversed onto its train in platform 12.

 E3137 entered platform 6 with The Blackpool Express running London-Blackpool.

 Reminder of Crewe in the 1960's!

 67028 ran South before returning to sit in bay platform 8.

 The "Brit" set off in style.

 Just too late to catch it properly from platform 1, "Britannia" could be heard barking away into the distance for several minutes.

 It's a while since the train shed had smoke coming out of it.

 "Tornado" was setting off for Carlisle.

 My chariot home.

 Remnants of an earlier age at Sandbach.