CREWE, AUGUST 24th 2019

 70000 "Britannia" entering into Crewe station in anticipation of the arrival of the train it was to haul North via Blackburn and back to Crewe, the train having emanated from Euston.

 The locomotive drew forward to wait at the signal.

 390045 in rainbow livery carrying the name "Virgin Pride" en route for Manchester, presumably for the celebration.

 The train arrived from Euston, hauled by class 47 D1944 "Craftsman".

 Released from the train, the 47 ran forward onto the Chester line......

 ......then ran back through platform 11, presumably onto its depot.

 With a blast of that familiar Britannia whistle, the standard pacific drew forward, drain cocks open..... reverse onto its train in platform 12.

 Finally and on time, the pacific once again set Crewe alight with its exhaust as it drew away from the platform.

 The exhaust quickly settled down as the train, seemingly effortlessly, started on its journey.
Stirring stuff.