CREWE, JUNE 29th 2019

 Summer Saturdays on the railways in the days of steam were always exciting, it just seemed that anything and everything that could steam was pressed into service to haul the many "excursions" taking hoards to the coasts - very few owned cars in those days. It seems that today there is similar demand on the railways as the 2x2 Class 175's, 107 and 004 struggled to absorb passengers onto the Crewe-Chester shuttle but absorb them it did!

 Out on test, Northern's 195111 ran into platform one before reversing and leaving up the WCML.

 DVT 82308 brought the empty Holyhead-Cardiff stock into platform 12......

 ......propelled by 67014 only to leave shortly afterwards.

 The private charter running Carnforth-Holyhead, drew into platform 6 behind 57314.

 On the rear end, now back in service, was Princess Royal class No 6201 "Princess Elizabeth".

 Yet another Northern unit out on test was 195110 which crossed onto the down main and stopped.

 It left shortly afterwards and, like the previous unit, headed up the WCML.

 The charter, having been put onto the down refuge siding, released 6201 to run forward onto platform 12 to wait for the Chester shuttle to arrive and depart. Unusually the shuttle was utilising platform 11, possibly due to the waiting crowds?

 Finally 6201 departed for the Heritage Centre to prepare for its run to Holyhead the next day.

 My chariot home.