CREWE MARCH 4th 2019

 Crewe station with 68028 "Lord President" parked up.

 B1 class 61306 "Mayflower" entering platform 12 to take on water while travelling from Carnforth to Southall.

 TPE "NOVA 2" unit 397001 ran through centre road.

 A few minutes later it returned and took the Manchester line.

 Daventry-Coatbridge freight entering the UDL for a crew change with 90016 leading 90049.

 Interesting wagon complete with its own engine. Refrigerated?

 08762 in RMS locotec livery ran into the diesel depot yard.

 In the distance and really beyond the capability of my camera lens, a TPE loco attached to an EMU alongside the carriage sheds.

 "Mayflower" stormed away from the platform.

 My chariot home.

 The triangle of land formed by the WCML, the Manchester line and Crewe's retail park is being cleared of vegetation. Visible from the train, there is old track still remaining in the ground although I have no idea what was originally on that piece of land. The brick pillar on the right is the top of the Manchester Independent line (the Muck Hole). It will be interesting to see if the clearance is railway related or an addition to the retail park.

 Shot from the train, the new Sidney Road over bridge is now in place together with what looks like a foot bridge?