Sandbach station and 331 005 waits to depart for Liverpool - great to see the new stock on these services.
NB Northern - Parking machines not working again!!!

 A short trip to Shrewsbury on 175 109, a busy service as ever.

 156 462 in ScotRail livery, crept round off the Crewe line, en route for refurbishment apparently.

 44871 ex-Slough.

 175 011 crept up the incline, horn blaring as a person had gone trackside to photograph the class 5 and then walked alongside the moving 175. I understand that the individual was arrested but apparently had mental issues.

 Leaving for Crewe ecs.

 The lighting complements the station beautifully.

 60163 "Tornado" drew into the station running from Eastleigh

 Leaving to be serviced at Coton Hill.

 Back at Crewe via 175 112.

 On the way into the station, the train passed the class 5 which later ran through on the UDL.

 In the hope of 871 being held at the North end, I walked along platform 6 and realised the approaching Voyager had been shorn of its Virgin branding. With a hurried shot it turned out to be 221 101, the first (and only) Voyager to receive the revised Virgin livery and it would now appear to be the first to be debranded. It still retains its "101 Squadron" name.

 The class 5 had indeed been held and was waiting on the UDL while the accompanying diesel 47 804 waited in platform 12 with the support coach. 871 was reported to be heading for the Heritage Centre for servicing but it did seem to be a bit late if it was to return to Shrewsbury on time with the stock.

 Eventually it reversed towards the Heritage Centre where a couple of people in orange suits waited by the ground frame - a good indicator of its destination. As I left on the 331, the class 5 was parked in bay platform 7 and I assume it was waiting to reverse into the Heritage Centre.
RealTime Trains shows it leaving Shrewsbury 51 minutes down.

 Time to go and my first ride in one of Northern's new stock, 331 112.

 The interior, very smart and complete with power sockets and screens although the screens on this train were dead so I don't know what they are for. There were no destination announcements on this one so maybe that's what the screens are for?

 My pleasant new chariot home.