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 CREWE 11th AUGUST 2021

 Off to Crewe complete with muzzle.

 The Welsh Marches Express was brought into Crewe from Wigan behind 90002 "Wolf of Baddenoch".

 At Crewe there was a switch to steam haulage for the remaining journey down to Cardiff, on this occasion it was 46100 "Royal Scot".

 6100 seems to be in need of some TLC.

 An empty stock working from Carnforth down to Crewe arrived behind 57314.

 On the rear was 57313 "Scarborough Castle".

 The Scot was getting ready to leave after it had received some attention at the platform.

 When it did leave, what a performance with drain cocks open.

 For the many photographers it was a disaster, was it really necessary to leave like that and what a coincidence that the cocks were shut off as the engine reached the platform end. Very poor PR and very mean!

 47614 was on the rear.

 The Northern Belle stock had been parked South of the station and returned to enter platform 12 to collect passengers before leaving with 57313 leading. Route was Carnforth - Crewe - Carnforth via Shap and the S&C.

 197001 was out on test again.

 Royal Mail units 325014 and 325004 left for the ETMD.

 My chariot home.