29th SEPTEMBER 2009

Steam test day for and 6233 was given a special treat by being allowed to sit alongside the 4F.  Work was still continuing on the engine while the boiler was warming up.  29/09/2009

The coal was not exactly the cleanest the engine has ever seen.  29/09/2009

Fire!!! - just kidding.  29/09/2009

At last the gauge started to climb and wisps of the white stuff could be seen.  29/09/2009

Resting after a hard day's running while the 04 shunter moves stock around to allow 44422 to reach the departure line.   29/09/2009

 44422 having moved onto the departure line was buffered up to 60009, "Union of South Africa" the third pacific in one day. In front of 09 is 6201 "Princess Elizabeth". 29/09/2009

 Simmering gently as it cools down ready for departure. The engine had been running up and down the yard all day without any problems following repairs to the damage caused when it hydrauliced. The testing time will come when it's given its head on the Nene Valley Railway. During the day the boiler passed its annual inspection. 29/09/2009

 Chris Jefferies, stalwart of the organisation, putting the baby to bed prior to its transfer by road to Peterborough. 44422 is scheduled to return to Crewe for a Winter overhaul towards the end of the year. 29/09/2009