Overhaul 1

 In 2002 the 4F's boiler was transferred to the Severn Valley Railway for attention to the copper firebox and it was returned to Crewe at the beginning of October that year. The following shots were taken at the LNWR workshops and illustrate some of the work undertaken at Bridgenorth.

  Resting across the wagon to allow adjustments to be made to the slings.

  The boiler arrived from The Severn valley Railway by road and was transferred onto a well wagon. it can be seen from this shot just where all the weight lies


 Being secured on the wagon for transfer into the workshops.

 The boiler/firebox unit back on its wagon at Crewe in an inverted position to assist access. The front flange, which takes the smoke box, requires further work at Crewe to eliminate the ravages of time. 9/10/2002

 Another view of the inserts which also shows the firebox stays. 9/10/2002

 The new section showing the replacement rivets (left). 9/10/2002

 One of the pieces of copper removed from the firebox to allow the new section to be inserted at Bridgenorth. 9/10/2002


 There is much work to be carried out on the foundation ring and here it can be seen awaiting more welding to build up wasted areas. 9/10/2002


 This is the fire door where the coal is added into the firebox to heat the water. The collection of rivets, studs and bolts go some way to demonstrate the complexity of this machine and the credit due to the people working on it.

 This is the dome which in lay terms is where the steam collects for transmission to the cylinders. If water is carried over to the cylinders it causes an hydraulic lock which, because water is not compressible, will probably damage the cylinders.

 8th of May 2002 and the boiler/firebox unit has been inverted to allow better access to the various sections.
 A dramatic shot of the inside of 44422's firebox after stripdown for overhaul. 26/02/2002