Further progress has been made on the overhaul of the 4F. These are some shots of the work being undertaken. Thanks to Stephen and the crew for permission to access the site.

 The driver's side of the inverted firebox where various remedial works have been carried out. The unit will later be turned on its side to allow better access to the inside. 25/2/2003

 The colour highlight illustrates the new rivets inserted along the front of the copper firebox. The large holes at the top carry the boiler tubes. 25/2/2003

 A new smokebox has been fabricated and awaits finishing. 25/2/2003

 A new smokebox front plate has also been fabricated and the familiar shape of 44422 can already be seen. This piece attaches to the end of the smokebox and carries the door. 25/2/2003

 The old unit was removed and the wasting and damage can be seen. 25/2/2003