44422's chassis at Crewe and now reunited with its wheels. 04/-8/2004

A front shot of the chassis in the shed for the replacement of its valve liners. 04/08/2004

 The left hand side showing the re-tyred wheels with connecting rods now fitted. 04/08/2004

 The right hand side. 04/08/2004

 The right hand driving wheels demonstrating the enormity of the tasks being undertaken at Crewe. 04/08/2004

 The inside of the chassis looking towards the front. The valve gear and slide bars can be seen at the bottom of the picture with the valves at the top. The white effect on the left hand liner is caused by ice crystals, the liner having been immersed in liquid nitrogen to shrink it to allow insertion into the casting bore. 04/08/2004

 A front view showing the valve liners at the top (note the steam ports) and the main cylinder bores below. The locomotive is driven by two inside cylinders hence the uncluttered appearance from the side. 04/08/2004

 44422's tender has now been transferred to Crewe. The work required on this unit primarily involves some patch welding on the water tank and attention to wheel bearings. 04/08/2004