Crewe Station 28th & 29th December 2000

 I had no idea that Green Arrow was in service or available on these two days, there is little I can say other than conditions were as near perfect as you can get them. Few comments because I believe the photographs set the scene.

Having seen Green Arrow the day before, I was surprised to see it again, parked in a short siding normally reserved for AC electrics. Plenty of steam again with the temperature around -6 degrees. 29/12/2000

It was waiting to take on water before turning on the Basford triangle to head for Bury and the East Lancashire Railway. As steam was released it immediately froze and gave the impression of billions of small diamonds sparkling in the sunlight - just like the Beatles' Lucy I guess! 29/12/2000

The crew hooked their hose up to the hydrant on platform 12 and coupled it to a novel filler on the tender, no climbing on the coals to fill here with 25k volts just above. 29/12/2000

If it were of LMS origin it would have looked good - just joking. 29/12/2000

NOW I know why Crewe station has an open roof. 29/12/2000

Cylinder drains fully opened and 60800 heads for Basford Hall triangle, very entertaining. 28/12/2000 

 The locomotive reversed off the Chester line with its support coach and coupled on to the train which had been brought in by a class 47 diesel. 28/12/2000

There was much clearing of water from the cylinders. 28/12/2000

 The display continued. 28/12/2000

 Spot the Green Arrow if you can. 28/12/2000

Time to settle down. 28/12/2000

Blower on to replace the lost steam. 28/12/2000

Away and the cylinders are cleared again. In view of the amount of blowing I assume that the low ambient temperature causes steam to quickly condense in the cylinders which can prove fatal to a steam locomotive if not ejected. 28/12/2000

Smoke and steam. 28/12/2000

 Crewe Station as seen in the 1950's!!! (if you ignore the parentage). 28/12/2000