November 11th 2000

 The enthusiast's life is not always a happy one and hanging around in the gloom is part of the deal. The smoke cloud in the background has been left by 37216 as it accelerated South having left the Diesel Depot. 11/11/2000

 37401 "Mary Queen of Scots" arrived on the 7.49 Holyhead-Crewe and then left with the ecs for the carriage sidings. En route it passed 37412 "Driver John Elliott" waiting in bay platform 7 with the 10.28 Cardiff rugby special. 11/11/2000

 37412 pulls away from platform 7 as it starts its journey to Cardiff with a rugby special. This was one of several trains to Cardiff today, details are on the North Wales Coast site. 11/11/2000

 37412 heads for the South Wales route, the train comprised two Regional Railways and four Riviera GWR liveried coaches. 11/11/2000

 86236 "Josiah Wedgwood" arrived on a Virgin London-Liverpool train and entered platform 11. 11/11/2000

 "RES" liveried 47759 arrived in platform 5 with DVT 82108 and a Virgin set in tow. Coupled at the rear was 86424 which later took the train out to Birmingham after the Class 47 had detached. It then ran South to reverse through the station and head back North up the West Coast Main Line. Wires down? 11/11/2000

 37421 arrived in platform 12 with the 8.53 Holyhead-Birmingham. The train arrived on time but was held and subsequently left 20 minutes down. 11/11/2000

 Another strange manouevere saw heritage DMU set 101694, in Strathclyde livery, arrive from the North and draw into platform 6. It loaded passengers and set off South where it stopped and reversed to take the centre road en route for Chester. Normally this train would take the Chester route from Platform 6 but apparently the crossover is currently out of use. 11/11/2000

 It wouldn't be Crewe if HST set 34101+34099 didn't show up at some time of the day. Here 34101 makes "clag" as it leaves platform 11 with the 08.25 Virgin service from London Euston to Holyhead. 11/11/2000

 ...and at the other end of the push-me-pull-you is 34099. If you cut its head off does it grow another? 11/11/2000