SUNDAY 21st MAY 2000


 Ticket for tour 2, the route was changed from the original due to engineering possession although we did make it to all the destinations in the end.

 Ian Riley's 37038 with 37029 inside, waited to take the Sunday Farewell Special from Crewe Station on 21st May 2000 - first destination Manchester Piccadilly and onward....

 Inside the train was 37029 courtesy of Riviera Trains. The stock was that normally used on the North Wales Coast Line complete with food trolleys.

 First stop was Southport with 37038 at the buffers..

 ...and 37029 close behind. Just look at the paintwork reflecting the Hi-Vis jacket.

 Waiting in the wings were 37421 (nearest) and 37415. They were to attach to the front of the train for the journey back to Manchester - Victoria this time.

 The two EWS liveried Class 37's waited at the the head of the train after arrival at Manchester.

 A view from the bridge!

 The locomotives detached from the train and ran round to head for Preston.

 Arrival at Preston and 37038 and 37029 attached to the rear for a "Top 'n' Tail run to the Fylde Coast and Blackpool

 Arrival at Blackpool.

 More Top 'n' Tailing as 37029 waited for the off with 37038 behind.

 Much hooting and the stragglers rushed to gain their seats as the train prepared to leave for return to Preston.

 At Preston 029 and 038 were detached and 421 and 415 took us all the way up to Barrow-in-Furness. Note the "Californian" skies - remember them from yesteryear? The railway staff were very accommodating at Barrow and allowed the locomotives to pose for photographs. Their patient tolerance was much appreciated by all. Here the train was getting ready to pull forward after the final pictures were taken.

 Drawing forward into the yard to run round.

 The locomotives detached from the stock and returned to the station to reverse.

 Going back to collect the carriages, note the signal gantries.

 Pulling the stock back into the station ready for the final run back to Crewe. What a fantastic two days out - I doubt I will ever see their equal. Grateful thanks to all concerned.