Crewe Station 24th October 2002

October Part 2

The arrival of 5972 "Olton Hall" was a complete surprise but a very welcome one. The locomotive was transferring stock from Carnforth to Tyseley and had stopped to take on water.

The hose was connected but, not being very large bore, it took a while to fill up. This gave the crew a chance to take a break with a cuppa and a chat.

 Departure time and 5972, more popularly known for its "Hogwarts Castle" guise from the Harry Potter films, coasted up to the signal to await the green. Quite a number of children had gathered during the watering stop and some were asking for the driver's autograph. The price of fame eh?

 Green and away into the sunshine. The red paint has now taken on a very pleasing weathered appearance. Magnificent even if it is GWR.

 Glinting off into the distance with spirit - you could feel the pride emanating from the support crew.

 The insignia on the tender sides......

 ....and the nameplate.