The Final Journey?
10th December 2003

 Loco and stock arrived from Holyhead to form the reverse 10.30 Crewe-Holyhead working. The shunter waits to uncouple the stock to allow the locomotive to run round - the clock on the left is wrong, the train left dead on time. The low Winter Sun and Crewe station make photography very difficult.

The motive power was 47746 "The Bobby" which, like the two 37/4's, was to be stored the next day.

746 entering Bangor tunnel.

Running on to the Britannia Bridge over the Menai Strait - note the stone lion.

The Menai Strait - awesome!

Leaving the bridge with that column on the headland.

The bridge is single track and here the train can be seen accessing the double section on the island.

Holyhead water tower.

Switching over to access the platform at Holyhead.


 Holyhead headshunt.

 Running round the stock.

 Returning from the runround.

 Ready to leave.

 Conwy is a request stop and fortunately, on this occasion, the train stopped so I could take a shot of the locomotive heading East through the arch. I am pleased to say that the up platform shelter has been repainted to remove the obscene graffiti.

 Approaching Conwy Tunnel.

 Entering the tunnel.

 The train stopped again outside Llandudno Junction so I was able to take a "setting Sun" shot looking back towards the Castle.

 The other side with the Castle and harbour.

 The Conwy River estuary, a haven for wild life.

 Back at Crewe and will we see "The Bobby" again I wonder. Indeed will we see loco haulage on the coast after the new year? (apart from Pendolino stock that is!!!) Rumour has it that we will - I hope so.