OCTOBER 16th 2003

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WC Diversions 171003

 47737 "Resurgent" had, earlier, passed through Alsager heading towards Stoke. When I arrived at Kidsgrove the 47 was waiting to gain access to the Crewe line with a train in tow. It appears that 87010 "King Arthur" had failed at Etruria and "Resurgent" was acting as Thunderbird for the rescue..

The trains were queing up to gain access to the single track section en route for Crewe and 87033 "Thane of Fyfe" slowly rounded the curve after being held on the main line.

The traffic never stopped, one after another, freight and passenger in both directions. 60016 "Rail Magazine", which had also apparently failed near Stoke, rounded the curve with a ballast train.

87014 "Knight of The Thistle".

 The Purple Porterbrook machine, 87002, unfortunately bleached out by the Autumnal Sun.

 87021 "Robert The Bruce" entering the Manchester-Stoke line pushing South.

 Released from the LNWR workshops only days before, 90041 in its new coat of green on a Southbound freight.

The 13.00 20 Holyhead-London with 43021 trailing behind 43084 "County of Derbyshire" as it "ducks" and weaves its way towards Stoke. (Locals will appreciate that one!).

 87006 "George Reynolds".

 A Manchester service with 87035 "Robert Burns" charging through........

 ....with sister locomotive 87034 "William Shakespeare" grimly hanging on, dead, at the rear.

 The Trent and Mersey Canal passes under the railway just before it enters the Harecastle Tunnel. 90001 "BBC Midlands Today" crosses the canal en route for Crewe.

 Another 87 held at the signal before entering the diversionary route was 87024 "Lord of The Isles". What a good job that this route was electrified but what a shame it wasn't doubled along its whole length.

 A final freight as 90030 leaves Kidsgrove and heads South.


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