APRIL 2002



 Although the salt traffic has ceased the Sandbach-Arpley still produces Class 37 workings with acid tanks. Today 37896 was in charge as it heads South to reach Basford sidings where it runs round for the journey to Warrington. 30/4/2002

 The 9.19 Holyhead-London appeared behind 47848 "Newton Abbot Festival of Transport". The train was taken forward by 87005 "City of London" 30/4/2002

 The 11.45 for Liverpool, ex Poole, was always a class 47 but this has now ceased as another one bites the dust. Today the train comprised Voyager sets 220034 and 220032. On the left is the 12.17 "Devon Scot" for Edinburgh comprising 43086 leading 43084. 30/4/2002

 I assume that these were the Sandbach acid tanks but not too sure. 37695 made a fine site in the Spring Sunshine. 24/4/2002

 The class 37 approaching the station area. 24/4/2002

 90003 "The Herald" approaching platform 11 with a Euston-Liverpool service and at the rear was attached 87007 "City of Manchester" riding pantograph down. 24/4/2002

 I have seen this crane parked on CD many times but, today, it was started up and ran onto the headshunt and up the ramp into the depot. What is it a 4-8-4? 24/4/2002

 You don't have to go to Greece to spot planes, Crewe is just as good! This looks like a 747 but I just missed the registration. 24/4/2002

 Pathfinder "Cumbrian Mountain Express" to Carlisle entering Crewe station with 50049 "Defiance" piloting 50031 "Hood". 20/4/200


 The two Hoovers draw away from Crewe en route for Carlisle. The train would return over the Settle & Carlisle route behind 60009 "Union of South Africa" 20/4/2002

 6233 "Duchess of Sutherland" had left earlier in the day with "The Citadel Express" railtour to Carlisle and Fragonset locomotives 33106 and 31602 "Chimaera" had brought the train in from Birmingham International. They later parked up and were switched off. The Stanier pacific would return from Carlisle for detachment at Crewe. 20/4/2002

 47723 "Restormel" was parked on the diesel depot with one of the "Royals". It later left round the back of the station to stand ready to take over the 7.20 London-Holyhead. 20/4/2002

 The class 47 waited while the AC locomotive, 90007 "Lord Stamp", was removed. Here the RES liveried engine is reversing onto its train while 86633 "Wulfruna" waits for permission to run round to the IEMD. 20/4/2002

 Minutes later the train left for Holyhead. 20/4/2002

 86228 "Vulcan Heritage" was parked dead in the platform 12 looking very smart. Later a fitter arrived, hung a "Not to be Moved" sign on the cab and energised the locomotive. He then conducted a thorough check of the engine. This engine has just been released (escaped) from Crewe IEMD after repairs. 20/4/2002

 Another escapee is 86225 "Hardwicke" also looking very smart in Virgin livery. It is seen here near the diesel depot attached to 90222 "Freightconnection" with 56065 in the background. 20/4/2002

 While 86228 was being attended to, 87022 "Lew Adams The Black Prince" arrived in platform 12 with a Euston-Liverpool service. 20/4/2002