See the Owl picture below for an update!

 Standard Tank number 80136 has returned to its base at Crewe LNWR for a Winter overhaul after a successful Summer season on The West Somerset Railway.

 The locomotive arrived late in the day so the light was faded by the time the operation was complete. This gave me the chance to try some "twilight" shots with the signal box as the subject. The nice "setting sun" appearance is, in fact, the sodium lights from the LNWR boiler shop helped somewhat by Tesco's adjoining car park lighting. 11/11/2005

 Parked up was 87035, formerly "Robert Burns" when in service with Virgin Trains and now an exhibit at The Railway Age, Crewe. 11/11/2005

 Whilst on site I just managed to catch the SERCO test train passing through towards Crewe Station with 67013 leading and 67022 (above) trailing. 11/11/2005

 Conwy station and 57316 "FAB 1" powers through with 390052 "Virgin Knight" in tow forming the 08.57 London-Holyhead. These units really do dwarf the station at Conwy. 14/11/2005

 Love them or hate them they do look smart. Why does Conwy have a signal pointing the wrong way? 14/11/2005

 The service train was closely followed by a SERCO test train hauled by 67013. 14/11/2005

 It was tailed by 67022, what a waste of power! 14/11/2005

 There's that signal again. 14/11/2005

221132 was sat switched off in platform 12 and was later to form the 10.54 for Bangor. Passengers for Holyhead were advised to continue from Bangor by bus, the line being closed due to flooding. 08/11/2005

Another storm casualty. 08/11/2005

92003 "Beethoven" passed through en route for the IEMD. 08/11/2005

CD looked more like a depot today with three 47's parked in the yard. This was 47848 "Newton Abbot Festival of Transport". 08/11/2005

47829 in "Police" livery was parked alongside 20096 and 20905 with a further 47 on the rear of the stock headed by 47848. 08/11/2005

CARNAGE AT CREWE STATION - bay platform 7 contained a dead Barn Owl which was tragic in itself but alongside the owl were the remains of what looked like a Kestrel. Further up the bay were the remains of another Kestrel like bird. A bird strike is quite common but three birds of prey in one short stretch of line was curious to say the least. Had they hit the wires while chasing the numerous pigeons - do these birds actually hunt pigeon? All very sad. 08/11/2005
UPDATE:- I understand from one of our correspondents that these sad little bodies are actually the result of bird strikes by the trains. I assume that the stock hits the bird which stays on the front of the vehicle until it stops in the bay when the body falls off. Running between Crewe and Cardiff, the trains that use the bay must pass mainly through open countryside where bird life is plentiful hence the resultant carnage. Upon reflection, I have seen many a pigeon stuck on the front of DVT's so this is nothing new but, hopefully, now indicates a healthy stock of birds of prey on the line side.

Class 350 units appear to be quite common at Crewe now, this was 350120 en route for Liverpool. 08/11/2005

Two DRS class 37's appeared off the Stoke line and ran into the bay before reversing onto the LNWR depot. 37606 led......

......with 37612 following. 08/11/2005

Freight was being directed through the station today, reason unknown. 92024 "J.S.Bach" was heading South at a rate of knots having stopped in platform 5 to collect a member of staff. The acceleration available to these locomotives is quite impressive considering the length of the train. 08/11/2005

Off into the Winter Sun. 08/11/2005