May 2006 - PAGE THREE

 "Jubilee" class number 5690 "Leander", waiting at Crewe with the Holyhead bound "Irish Mail". Clearly this engine has one keen admirer! 20/5/2006

 Sir William certainly had something about him and the engine is a wonderful epitaph to its late owner. 20/5/2006

 "Leander" started without hesitation and, despite the wet rails, there wasn't a single slip (shame) and the three cylinder beat was clearly to be heard. 20/5/2006

 No comment....

 As "Leander" headed for North Wales, another Stanier miracle was resting in the LNWR yard - 6233. 20/5/2006

 Do WCRC still own this locomotive? 20/5/2006

 I was just leaving the station when 57008 shot into the South end platforms so a hurried distance shot only. 20/5/2006

 Crewe station and 67028 waits to head North while a couple of Thunderbirds wait for business - could the Pendolino drag have a double header today? Platform 12 modifications continue and the access bridge across the bay is being reinstated so still no use for the bay then. 17/5/2006

 A quick move to the South end of 12 because there was a class 20 waiting to leave the LNWR sheds. However, before the 20 left class 47 number 47805 (at one time named "Pride of Toton") appeared from the Shrewsbury line (ex Basford Hall sidings) on a rake of ballast wagons. 47841 was on the coast the day before so was this also heading West? 17/5/2006

 As the 47 disappeared the 20 started to move and it became clear that it was not alone. There were engines which turned out to be 20312, 20310 and 37259. You win some, you lose some and today we seemed to be winning. 17/5/2006

The cavalcade moved into bay platform 8......

.......with all three locomotives under power!

It was so good to see a 37 again....... good we see it twice. 17/5/2006

86639 arrived from the IEMD to run South. 17/5/2006

Meanwhile, back at the North end, the 47 was still waiting to leave while the two Thunderbirds waited and the Pendolino arrived from London. 17/5/2006

 47805 left for the coast. 17/5/2006

 While 57305 "John Tracy" reversed onto the Pendolino (alone) for the journey to Holyhead, the other Thunderbird, 57011 "Parker" was left in the siding. 17/5/2006

 It didn't take long to connect the 57 up and very soon it was away with 390044 "Virgin Lionheart" in tow. 17/5/2006

 66003 romped South with 21 HTA's in tow. 17/5/2006

 And finally...158860 was on shuttle duty in "Isambard" livery. Looks a bit "busy". 17/5/2006