APRIL 2014 - PAGE ONE  

 A dull, wet day at Sandbach station as Pendolino 390046 speeds North towards Manchester. 22/04/2014

 Shortly afterwards 390117 headed South. 22/04/2014

 Class A4 pacific number 4464 "Bittern" speeding through the station on its way to Grosmont and the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. 22/04/2014

 Nantwich and 153367 heads towards Crewe. Just beyond where the track worker is standing is the bridge over the River Weaver and roughly 200 yards beyond that is where the now dismantled railway branched off to the left. From memory I believe this later joined the NSR line to Market Drayton.10/04/2014

 Looking towards Nantwich station with the new signalling equipment in sight. In the distance is the now disused signal box for which there is a local scheme to preserve it. 10/04/2014

 175115 presumably on its way to South Wales. 10/04/2014

 175112 on a reverse working. 10/04/2014

 The reason for the visit - 45407 on its way to Bristol. 10/04/2014

 A view of the River Weaver bridge mentioned above - Nantwich station is off to the left and Shrewsbury to the right. Rural Cheshire at its best. 10/04/2014