Part 2

 175101 has at last entered service as a 3 car unit. Since the class was introduced, 101 has appeared in 2 car format being used as a test vehicle. 6/2/2003

 Class 86 extant as 86233/E3172 "ALSTOM Heritage" heads North with a London-Liverpool service. 6/2/2003

 Clag monster 37712 positively exploded onto the scene as it took the platform 12 avoiding loop with shed 66228 in tow. 6/2/2003

 It roared off onto the Shrewsbury line sounding great but maybe needing some attention. 6/2/2003

 Once on the depot it calmed down before taking the shed into the depot. 6/2/2003

 37694 had been ticking over on the scrap line but soon moved away and left heading South. 6/2/2003

 This one caught me by surprise, 47818 "Strathclyde" running through platform 12 loop to attach to the 10.45 London-Holyhead after a class 90 had been detached. I only realised what had happened as I saw the Virgin stock heading off towards Chester. The biting cold clearly dimmed my brain. 4/2/2003

 47635 had been sat on the Diesel Depot attached to EWS inspection saloon DB999504. It later pushed the saloon South before returning to Bay Platform 8 4/2/2003

 After waiting quite some time for a pathway the pair left South and ran off along the Stoke line. 4/2/2003

 43098 was leading 43121 on the 9.19 Holyhead-London. 4/2/2003

 90032 positively sparkled in the Winter sunshine (very deceptive with an estimated wind chill factor of absolute zero). In tow were 325003 and 325007. 4/2/2003

 You wait for the Sandbach Acid train because 37410 is bound to be on it again and up rolls 56072. Ah well, you win some....... 4/2/2003


February Part 2