JULY 2003

 Part 2

 47840 "North Star" dragged the 11.32 Liverpool-London train into Crewe...

 ...and in disgrace on the rear was failed Class 87 number 87020 "North Briton". The 87 had been failed with seized brakes and 840 was programmed to take the train through to London. The arrival at Crewe was actually ahead of schedule but who knows what time it reached Euston? Note the tail lamp indicating that the AC was well and truly dead. 9/7/2003

 DRS 37608 came off the Shrewsbury line with 20313 and 20312 in tow - 608 was carrying a headboard that read "DRS Crewe On A Mission". They ran into bay platform 8 then reversed and ran off onto the LNWR sheds with all three engines under power! 4/7/2003

 37047 was dead on the depot yard but was then started up to run North through the station. 4/7/2003

 The 10.21 Birmingham-Holyhead leaving Crewe with 47756 "Royal Mail Tyneside" in charge. 4/7/2003

 Not the sharpest of shots but it was moving some and I had just arrived with camera unready. Recently repainted and renamed 87001, "Stephenson" is hauling the 12.30 Euston-Glasgow which doesn't stop at Crewe! Actually it now carries its original name which was later transferred to the unique 87101 when 87001 became "Royal Scot" 3/7/2003

 Driver Frank Santrian takes Fragonset's 31452 and 31126 North through the station. 3/7/2003

 How much longer?? 90035 heads South with a mail train. 3/7/2003

 47739 "Resourceful" takes the 13.56 Holyhead-Birmingham out of platform 11. 3/7/2003

 Later, the other North Wales Coast service is prepared for action as 47756 "Royal Mail Tyneside" works the empty stock from Crewe to Manchester Piccadilly to form the 17.19 Piccadilly-Holyhead. 3/7/2003


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